Since Clean water changes everything, Our vision is to save lives by providing clean and safe drinking water to poorest and most marginalised people in rural areas of Yemmiganur town.

India is a place where water borne diseases are a major concern and the reason behind the scarcity of pure water resources. People have zero access to safe, pure, clean and drinkable water. People think that they get pure water from taps or bottled water, but these are not safe. Such water resources are unhygienic.

The most common water resource among the people is the tap water and most of the people think that this water is safe for them and later get stuck into diseases. Tap water contains multiple contaminants like bacteria, dissolved impurities, viruses, etc, which later get you ill and cause you diarrhea, fatigue, bloating, etc. The pipes involved in water transfer, deliver Lead to homes which causes several disabilities and system damage.

The Machani Ramanna Drinking Water Services is established in the year 2015 sponsored by MG Charities which aims to provide clean and safe drinking water to people in Yemmiganur town and surrounding villages.

More than 2000 families and more than 2500 scchool childern are getting benefited daily through our clean drinking water.